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Think twice before you eat fast food

Have you ever had a day where you were starving and you just had to eat or drink something, even knowing how unhealthy it is, you just ate or drank it? Well, after you’ve read the rest of this post Best Food Slicer, you’ll regret every time you ate or drank something that was unhealthy, because some of the foods I’m about to describe are just plain lethal. They should put an “Eat at your own risk” sign on it.


I think you’ve heard this a dozen times, but if you’re still drinking soda, you clearly didn’t get the message. Let me try to make it a bit clearer. A large size Pepsi cola, which is 32 oz, contains 400 calories. Let’s compare this with regular tea, which contains 8 calories per 32 oz. That’s 50x more calories.

The amount of sugar in soda is unbelievable. In the 32 oz of Pepsi cola mentioned above, there is 108 grams of sugar which equals to 27 sugar cubes! If that doesn’t scare you, then you deserve to drink soda.

French Fries

The second bit of a menu in a garbage house like McDonalds or Burger King, the French fries. To make things worse, let’s compare Burger King’s super size French fries. With 1 portion (198 grams) you will be taking in 610 calories, 29 grams of fat and 390 mg of sodium.

Let’s say you head to another restaurant and order yourself some tomatoes instead of the Burger Kings French fries. 1 cup of chopped tomatoes (180 grams) contains 38 calories, 0,6 grams of fat and 16 mg of sodium. With the French fries you’ll be taking in 1605% more calories, 4833% more fat and 2438% more sodium than you’d take in with tomatoes. Still not convinced?


Yummy burgers. The last and the worst part of a menu. With the soda I said they should have a sign with “Eat at your own risk on it”. Burgers should have a “Deadly” sign on it Burgers are the crappiest food around as far as I know. And to show you what kind of junk is in a burger, I’ll do a comparison again.

A double whopper with cheese from Burger King (398 grams) contains 990 calories. 576 calories of which are from fat. The amount of fat, 64 grams. Sodium 1520 grams. If you’ve read some of the above, you’ll see how freaking much junk there is in this burger.

Now let’s compare this with a ½ chicken, bone and skin removed (258 grams). The chicken contains 565 calories, 212 calories of which are from fat. 23,5 grams of fat and 235 mg of sodium. I don’t want to make comparison as this will ruin my day.


I think you’ll remember people saying how unhealthy doughnuts are. Let me show you how unhealthy doughnuts are. 1 chocolate doughnut (60 grams) contains 250 calories, 12 grams of fat and 19 grams of sugar (almost 5 sugar cubes). Let’s again compare this with some other foods.

2 cups of mango’s (330 grams) contain 214 calories, 1 gram of fat and 49 grams of sugar which come from fruit and aren’t harmful to the body. So by eating 1 chocolate doughnut of 60 grams, you’ve taken in more calories, more fat and more harmful sugars than 330 grams of mango. Now you decide how bad chocolate doughnuts are.


I’ve mentioned this before in a post about why you shouldn’t eat at Domino’s Pizza. To sum that post up. I took the biggest and baddest pizza they had, which was the 14 inch, large pizza with 2 toppings and extra cheese, and chose ingredients which had the most calories in it. The result was a pizza that contains 3600 calories. I think that should be enough to scare you away from pizzas for a while.

In case you didn’t notice, in this post I mentioned fast food only, as those are the most useless foods on the surface of the world. So next to you are starving and you’re thinking about eating at a fast food restaurant. Think again, as this will not do you any good.



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